Amasai Rising Trilogy

When the first of the Four Burdens falls into the wrong hands, a half-elven tween is all that stands between her kingdom and ruin

Somewhere a Darkness Lurks…

Azlana is the heir to the elven throne, hiding amongst the human children of Aythia until an attack on the Alliance forces her to run, taking only her most prized possessions. The Priestess Eoma takes her in, not realizing the Darkness the girl has brought with her.

For years Anhedonia, one of the Four Burdens, has been imprisoned. For years, he had longed to unite with his brothers and bring the world to ruin. Whispering to Azlana’s subconscious, Anhedonia feeds upon her fears, growing stronger as her doubts grow.

Torn from everything she has ever known; will Azlana rise to meet her destiny as leader of the elven kingdom, or will she succumb to the voice of The Darkness?

The Amasai Rising Quartet: A boxed set featuring Ring of Fire

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