Review: As You Wish (Short Stories From Antaloor)

I’ve been putting off reading this “short story” for a few weekends now. I didn’t feel like reading a 100-page short story. I finally got to it and now I’m annoyed. It was a good story, don’t get me wrong. It just takes way too damn long to get anywhere. It’s great from the perspective of a Two Worlds lore-nerd and wiki editor, like myself. But as a casual reader, it’s just annoying.

The subtitle says it all. It’s a genie story. There’s going to be a genie, fuckery will ensue, and douchebags will get their comeuppance. I recommend it f you can tolerate an exceptionally slow story. While it does reference Antaloor, the gods of Two Worlds, and in some cases, things it shouldn’t. I think it should be an accessible story for people who like djin or genie stories.

It does refer to the gold coin currency of Antaloor (Auras) as “cash” and it refers to Antaloor as “Earth”. There are a handful of spelling and grammar issues present as well. There was a sentence where the characters sign a document that was supposed to say “I signed first” and it just said, ” signed first.” If you can be bothered to track down this obscure PDF or the German Kindle or physical versions, I say give it a read.

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