Review: The Anvil of Souls

Gods are hard to beat, even dead ones.


Hard-fought, and a close thing, but victory all the same. But why did William feel so horrible about it all?

He had Amder back to the world. He, William Reis, was made the new forgemaster of Amder by the God himself. Valnijz’s return ended, and even the near-immortal High Priest Zalkiniv is gone. The Valni were almost totally decimated, assuring safe passage for years to come.

But the cost was high. Scores of innocent Reachers dead to the Valni. And Duncan Reis, William’s last family, was dead. Duncan was the one who stopped the blood god, trading his own life for that feat. Given a new task by the God Amder, William and his friends embark to set things in order, joined by Captain Vin Tolin, an old soldier and now de facto protector of the newly minted Forgemaster William.

Soon, Will discovers that not all is as he believed, and Duncan may yet still live. Dropping everything, William sets out to save his cousin one last time. Things are not always as they appear, however. For, secrets abound in this group of friends. One secret will hurt the heart, one will terrify them, and one could undo everything they have worked and sacrificed for.

From the dark depths of the world of Alos, to the last refuge of true magic, William and his allies will scour the world for the truth. It just may not be the truth they want to find.

The last act of the Gods’ fall is still to come, and the hidden past will remake everything.

Review: 101 Ways to Fix Oatmeal

Is it possible to find cures for the boring, dreary, ordinary breakfast oatmeal? With 101 Ways to Fix Oatmeal, the answer is a resounding yes. Discover how to fix memorable oatmeal for ex-spouses. Learn to fix sinfully luscious liquor drenched oatmeal, oatmeal to wake up sleepy heads, oatmeal combined with things that look like oatmeal, overnight steel cut oatmeal, and much more. Find out THE secret ingredient for soul satisfying oatmeal every morning … hint: same secret ingredient for making perfect grits. Creative ventures in fixin’ oatmeal await you!

Review: Inside of Ruan Willow

Inside Ruan Willow is a novella about two pen names who flirt on Twitter, and hijack the vessel (writers) body and have extreme carnal sex with a Ruan Willow super fan. They all meet at a writers convention and have a wild sex-filled night together. If you like Ruan pegging…fantasize about her doing these naughty things to you, this book is for you.

Review: The Mummy of Monte Cristo

Revenge takes time; fortunately Edmond Dantes doesn’t sleep. Or breathe.

In a world of monsters and magic, Edmond Dantes has a pretty good life. He’s just been made captain of a ship, and he’s about to marry his sweetheart. But when jealousy, spite, and ambition conspire to frame him for treason, he loses everything. To make things right, he’ll need to give up the only thing he has left: his humanity.

They thought their troubles died with Edmond. They were wrong on both counts.

Review: I Have Lived Today

England. 1960s. A cold, harsh autumn.On an isolated island, an abusive man forces his wife to run for her life. Their son Tristan, young and afraid, also flees the island and sets out into the world to escape his demons and find his mother.

Hitchhiking beneath the backdrop of a wild and loveless November, Tristan encounters every possible character, from the genuinely kind to the inherently wicked. Beaten, robbed, and stripped of even hope, Tristan finds himself on the gritty streets of London’s East End, where everything he thought he knew about life starts to shatter and crumble around him. With all hope seemingly lost, the young boy even questions the futility of life itself.

But when he learns that there are others who share his torment and understand his pain, can Tristan find the courage to make it through his darkest hours?

Tristan’s tale is a grim exploration into his own conscience. As he discovers the unique ability of humans to do such heinous things – both to themselves and to one another – it’s all he can do to keep control, as his passage of internal discovery takes one dark turn after another and sends him to the edge.

I Have Lived Today is Steven Moore’s haunting literary debut. This dark, edgy, and painfully honest coming-of-age tale packs a powerful punch.

Review: Blood of a Fallen God

Stealing a shard of a dead god’s blood should have been enough adventure for a lifetime. For William Reis, it was just the beginning.

William has a single goal in his life, to succeed where generations of others have failed, and gain admittance to the Smithing Guild of Palnor. Men and women from the Reach have tried for years, but all have failed. They have failed for a single reason, a commandment from the Church of Amder. No one from the Reach can ever gain entrance to the Guild. A decree that remains unknown all but the Masters of the Guild, and even they don’t know why.

Williams’s efforts make him a target and unleashes a violent and insane evil that needs one thing to claim the world, the end of the Reis bloodline. From the heights of the city of Ture, to the depths of the dungeons of the Temple of Amder, William must find a way to survive.

As he faces his own wavering resolve and long held grief, William must vanquish all who oppose him. To release those who have been corrupted, to stop the return of an ancient and sadistic evil, and to heal the world of Alos, William Reis must accept a fate he never wanted.

Review: The Feathered Serpent

A Betrayed Archaeologist. A Ghost from the Past. A Dozen Worthy Sacrifices.

Expedition leader Hiram Kane is holed up in his native England recovering from wounds both physical and mental, when his family receives a mysterious anonymous letter that dredges up nightmares from the past. Could it also offer a ray of unexpected hope?

Across the globe beneath a forgotten Aztec pyramid, a disillusioned archaeology professor is about to unleash his wrath.

How? Brutally murdering a dozen innocent victims in an ancient sacrificial ritual.

When the modern and ancient worlds collide and the unhinged professor starts committing unimaginable blood-spilling atrocities on the adolescent virgins, Kane is forced to make an impossible choice.

Can he sacrifice the love of his life to save the innocent girls?

Review: The Shadow of Kailash

Criminals are getting rich.
Terrorists are getting powerful.
Women are getting killed…and worse.

Hiram Kane travels to India to honour the life of his murdered best friend. But Kane’s world is soon plunged into turmoil when a psychotic people trafficker kidnaps Alexandria Ridley, the love of his life, and disappears into the mighty Himalayas. What begins as a risky rescue mission turns into a chilling foray into the world of weapons and drugs trading, sexual slavery and human trafficking – and culminates in a deadly race against time across the top of the world into Chinese-occupied Tibet.

With lives on the line and the future of Buddhism in jeopardy, must Kane make the ultimate sacrifice?

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