Review: The Principles of Philosophy

Over the millennia, the great thinkers of the world have sought to come up with rules for how to live better lives, how to govern better, and how to understand the world around us. As they have written down their thoughts, they have discovered laws and techniques that can help further advance human thought and explain why the world is the way it is today.

This fascinating introduction to the world of philosophy will help make even the most complex ideas accessible to everyone.

In this book you will learn about:

The different schools of philosophy which have held sway over the years.
The most influential philosophers in history.
The key concepts in every area ranging from ethics to metaphysics to epistemology.

Review: Smart Woman’s Guide: The Money Belief Formula

Is your mindset sabotaging your ability to win with wealth?

Transform your life with Smart Woman’s Guide: The Money Belief Formula, a critical strategy to achieve financial success by examining money beliefs and behaviors and altering one’s attitude about money.

Money is present in every aspect of your life. As a result, focusing on the “money side” of economic literacy/financial capability will not improve your financial situation. For success, self-awareness and financial awareness are both required.

The more you understand the where, why, when, and how of your money thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes, the more likely you are to connect to your money, to recognize the need for better financial habits, and to make better financial choices.

In other words, one’s thoughts and beliefs influence one’s actions. Money is a result of our actions, not the other way around. Financial success can be yours if you have the proper mindset and technique.

The money belief formula is a proven approach that can help you:

Develop your financial foundation
Foster the habits needed to win with wealth
Substitute positive beliefs for the negative ones
Change mindset perspective from dollars and cents to habits and actions
Identify and dispel some of your irrational fears and doubts
Identify ways to reinforce the new beliefs you’ve developed. Why that sabotage is causing problems in your life (and what to do about it)
Better handle difficulties
Decrease stress levels
Produce a long-term change that creates successful actions based on confidence rather than worry or uncertainty
Permeate an environment more conducive to health and wellness
The book outlines a few simple steps involved: Self-talk (money affirmations), a positive outlook, and a plan of action are all part of the AAA Principles of Change (Awareness, Acceptance, and Action), which also include exercises to help you become more conscious of your thought processes. In addition, activities and worksheets are provided in each chapter to help you put what you’ve learned into practice.

To achieve your definition of success, you must first break the money taboo and empower your money relationship. Until and unless behavior changes, nothing changes.

In Smart Woman’s Guide: The Money Belief Formula, author, podcaster, money coach, and founder Herfinance Club Susan M. Diamond, MSW, CFSW, takes traditional money management to a whole new level by engaging the creative side of the brain in financial wellness, which includes looking at how you feel about money and how you relate to it. She outlines a simple, step-by-step process for getting started on creating your financial foundation for winning with wealth.

Susan has spent the last several years blending the latest research and compressed the most recent industry opinions from neuroscience, transformative learning, and psychosocial techniques into concepts and tools to help you improve your results with money.

It makes no difference where you are in your financial development, how much expertise you have, or how much cash you have in the bank. No one ever achieves ultimate financial success without first working on their relationship with money.

Smart Woman’s Guide: The Money Belief Formula is the key to understanding how your habits influence your money mindset. Your mindset plays a big role in money, and it’s often how we feel about our financial situation that dictates whether you create bad habits or sustain good ones. Our mindset is the foundation to building wealth.

You have the power to alter the way you feel, think, act, and relate to money. As soon as you do so, the money magic begins! Are you ready to get started?

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Review: Everyone Is an Entrepreneur

Westerners today grow up with abundant opportunities to determine their own values, identities, and roles in society. But for generations, millions who lived under Soviet rule in the USSR had these essential freedoms withheld, determined instead by a central authority that claimed the right to choose for them and enforce their compliance. Thirty years after the Soviet Union’s decisive collapse, the old communist paradigm continues to limit those who come of age in a post-Soviet world.

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur showcases the experience of an American author acclimating to life in the developing post-Soviet economy of Armenia. Along the way, he examines how the intelligent and hardworking people he lives among are stuck in a state of transition away from all-encompassing, bureaucratic control. They struggle to adjust to the responsibilities of economic self-determination because they have never learned how to see the world through entrepreneurial eyes.

Entrepreneurship is a principled way of seeing the world, a paradigm that applies to people in all cultural and economic circumstances: artists, office workers, doctors, teachers, farmers, and laborers alike. By adopting this universal outlook, anyone can produce more wealth, accomplish bigger goals, and take control of their life like never before.

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