Review: Michael’s Passion

What happens when the line between good and evil blurs?

The Archangel Michael has been on Earth for thousands of years, but nothing could have prepared him for meeting a demon that he can’t bring himself to kill.

Jahi has made a living as seductress, but she’ll be damned if she is going to trade one kind of slavery for another.

Each haunted by their past, can they learn to trust in one another, the love that has grown between them? Will they even have time?

The demon horde has changed leadership, and a new drug is sweeping the streets of Los Angeles. With every evil entity out there looking for Jahi, can Michael keep her safe, or is he blinded by a love that will betray him? Do people ever really change?

Grab it now and start the series!

Winner of a Best of 2017, Reviewer’s Choice Award, from the Paranormal Romance Guild!

Winner of a Best Romance award from the Wild Dreams Publishing 1st annual Indie Awards 2018

Fans of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, and Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series will love this!

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