Review: Adventures of Stratvs Collection: Short Stories of the Bloodlines Reforged Saga

Did you ever wonder just how Lucas came to be lost in the deadly obsidian halls of Nolcavanor? Are you curious about the founder of House Morosse? Just exactly who was Lord Ivant? You’ll find answers to these questions and much, much more in this collection of short stories from the Bloodlines Reforged epic fantasy saga!

Review: Morosse, the Spike Thumb

A cutthroat’s rise from pirate to merchant.

Another tale of high adventure from the Bloodlines Reforged Saga. Morosse, the weathered and battle-harden sailor, called pirate by some, serves a captain well accustomed to bloodshed and its commerce. Is Morosse willing to seize his chance at a better life? What will he risk for such a prize as respectability? Read more here;

Review: Depths of Nolcavanor

What happens when a barbarian prince delves into the dark places of the world?
A swords and sorcery tale of high adventure set in the fantasy world of Stratvs!

Young Prince Lucas finds a journal and a map in the clutches of a long-dead dragon. His kingdom left in the hands of his uncle, Lucas undertakes an epic journey to the ancient city of Nolcavanor to seek glory and riches. What will his pursuit of the legendary treasure reveal? Can such majesty as Nolcavanor still exist?

Review: Death of a City: Birth of a Curse

Thousands of years before Roland, Eldryn, Dunewell or Silas would walk the surface of Stratvs other heroes battled for the soul of a nation. Take a brief glimpse into the past of the peoples of Stratvs as these historic events unfold. Join the adventure as axe clashes with sword and dwarf clashes with man. Look on as legends are born and events give rise to villains.

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