Review: Magical After: Dark World, Book 1 (Part 1)

A man whose world has been shattered embarks on a daring and dangerous adventure. In a last and desperate hope, he enters a virtual world only to find that it is so much more. Join him as he faces werewolves, dragons, and fairies. How will he escape assassins, deal with the rise of the zombie demons and uncoil the control the gods have on the two worlds of Atsia Major and Atsia Minor.”David, let yourself be touched by the celestial bodies. Then yours will be one of imagination and invention. Take this path to find the greatest joy in your new world. When you look up to the great expanse, you will see what others do not. For you, the stars will be a marker and a sign. All that you imagine and create will be touched by the might of the stars…”

Review: Darkness Stabs: Dark World Book 1 Part 2

In this second part of Dark World Book I, Demons have escaped from the world below, spreading their darkness to the land of the living. David Gosling—a widow who entered the virtual world to escape his painful reality—finds himself at the center of the fight for survival when all he really wants to do is find the copy of his lost wife.

David makes a powerful ally and takes on the impossible task of arming a city—one far from ready to face the evil at the gates. Will David accept his role and find the magic within? Will he slice through the demon horde with the power of the ‘Blue Druid’?

“Take my blood for the war to come, David. Your human strength will not be enough to face the darkness below. My power will give you purpose and focus your mind. The bite is my gift to you, moon child.”

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