Review: Anhedonia

A princess of elves on the run, a changeling lost in the Realm, and a dragon preparing for war. Anhedonia is a thrilling young adult coming of age fantasy novel set in a land where men and magic are at war. Azlana is a runaway princess who believes in uniting the kingdoms of men and magic. She wants is to be rid of the Amasai, Anhedonia before it harms someone she cares about; but the Dragon Fiora cannot take her burden even if she wasn’t holding Azlana captive. The beast claims to be an ally, but her connection to the Darkness that threatens Azlana’s mind only leaves her with more questions as she takes up a quest to save her best friend, magic, and the entire mortal realm. Anhedonia is the second installment in the Amasai Rising Trilogy, a series about magic, misfits, and how our stories change the world.

Review: Ring of Fire

Humans and Mystics have been at war for as long as Kala can remember. For this reason, contact with any of the magical creatures that inhabit the forest near her home is punishable by death.

So when an elf rescues her from being kidnapped by his brother, she has good reason to question his motives. That is, until she learns the truth: that it was a human who killed her mother, not a Mystic, and that she and the whole kingdom are being lied to.

But confiding in the wrong person opens old wounds, and Kala must choose between her family and a blossoming romance. Can her love unite their people? Or has she doomed everyone she cares about?

Review: Amasai Rising

Finding out you’re a princess destined to stop a war sounds great, until it actually happens.

Amasai Rising is an enchanting young-adult coming-of-age fantasy novel set in the Kingdom of Aythia. Azlana is a half-human, half-elf princess on the run, forced from the only home she has ever known and shouldered with the responsibility of uniting men and mystics. But an ancient darkness has taken hold of Azlana’s mind, flooding her thoughts that horrify her.

Can Azlana defeat the darkness? Or will its hold on her prove fatal for magic and mankind alike?

Previously published as Anhedonia.

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