Review: Lowcountry Convictions

Never let yourself get comfortable, because life is always waiting to throw you a curveball…. Quinn Riley’s life is finally back on track after being completely off the rails. She wouldn’t exactly classify her life as normal, but it’s a new normal for her. She has a new group of loving friends, including the apparition of a young woman who was good at knowing when she was or was not welcome. Yes, Quinn certainly feels great, but that feeling won’t last. Someone needs her help, and it may just put her in harm’s way all over again.

Eleanor “Ellie” Jameson escaped. She got far away from the man who tried to break her. Now, however, she’s staring at the bleak walls of a jail cell, accused of a murder she didn’t commit. There’s no way she could be found guilty for a murder she had nothing to do with. After all, she firmly believed she was innocent and innocent people don’t get convicted, right?

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