Review: Ageless Fury

Within Ava, within Kel Doran – something has awakened….

The Caro Expedition is under way, but the journey will not be without peril for the mysterious warrior and those she leads. Their goal: To plunder the secrets of Valshyr, unlock its past, and search for answers within the mist.

Meanwhile, in Wyvern’s Rest, Ava has her freedom, but it may cost her more than she can bear. She and the other survivors are left battered and broken as tremors plague their helpless city, pushed to the brink as darkness infests the Outer Quarter. Put to the test, Ava will have to choose between her freedom and the city’s survival. Which will she choose?

The epic adventure continues in book two of the Mists of Kel Doran Fantasy Series!

Review: The Weave of Fate

The city of Wyvern’s Rest has fallen…

The feud between the capital cities of Cambridge and Sephyra has reached a boiling point, leaving the former “Jewel of the Highlands” a ghost of its former glory. Those with the means to live and the will to dream have already fled the city. Those lacking remain, condemned to bury their sorrow while the walls crumble around them. Lawlessness and poverty have overtaken the streets, and as the days grow longer, the shadows of the abandoned Outer Quarter loom ever darker.

Ava spends her days tethered to her prison, the belly of an old, stone inn, overlooking the docks and the familiar, sea-side market. She leans on her friends for innocent laughter and talk of unimportant things. Every day, the tavern fills with the hopes and dreams of those fleeing for brighter horizons; and every day, Ava watches them leave with the simplest wish…to join them.

Little does she know, her fate is woven to the enormous, crimson carriage that creaks through the shadows of another forgotten morning. The odd-shaped man who emerges from the carriage carries two simple things: an old, leather satchel and a sinister secret. One will free Ava from her prison. One will forever seal her tomb.

Both will alter the course of Wyvern’s Rest forever.

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