Review: Candela

What do a firefighter, a Fire Fae, and a husky shifter have in common? They all want a bite of Candela’s cupcake….

Hi! I’m Candela, and I own the best cupcake shop in Silver Springs – before my reputation got ruined, anyway. Lately all of my cupcakes have been coming out burnt, my smoke detectors are on the fritz, and my husky companion named Jasper won’t stop barking at customers. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my favorite Christmas candle sets my shop on fire!

With no choice but to close up for the day, I decided to release some stress at Silver Spring’s skating rink. You’d think that would chill me out – wrong! Apparently I’m a magnet for trouble because I’ve been hit by a mate spell and now I’m trapped between three guys who all want a taste.

Shane – the firefighter who wants to start my fire instead of quench it.

Jasper – my husky who turns out to be a shifter…he took showers with me, the pervert!

Lance – a sexy-as-sin Fire Fae who said his brother Titus sent him to my world to recover fire magic that didn’t belong to me, and now, it’s running rampant in Silver Springs. That sounds about right.

Send help, because these guys are going to burn me to a crisp!

Candela is a stand-alone paranormal comedy romance with a mystery to solve and a guest appearance of a delicious Fire Fae from the Elemental Fae universe – Titus’ brother!

This story is part of the Silver Springs shared universe and can be listened to in any order.

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