Review: Born of Blood

Marriage or war. There are no other options.

Kalina has her throne, finally, and her people have their long-sought-after peace. But that peace is short-lived, when an old enemy resurfaces, threatening everything she has fought so hard to attain. Trapped in a foreign court, surrounded by enemies, Kalina must decide the fate of her people as well as her own future before it’s too late. Love is at stake, lives will be lost. This is the stunning conclusion to the Valdir Chronicles, full to the brim with adventure, intrigue, and, of course, dragons.

Review: Born of Stone

Love doesn’t always conquer all. Cherise Stanchon is the princess heir of Ethea, a country embroiled in a century-long war. She is old enough to wed, and her betrothed is a prince of the Valdir, a race of dragon riders, and a man she is beginning to love.

But when loss and war threaten to come between them, Cherise must choose between her duty to her country or her heart. Can the two lovers overcome seemingly insurmountable odds?

Or will the war tear them apart? Don’t miss Born of Stone, a novella in the Valdir Chronicles.

Please note, this book is meant to be listened to after Born of Air.

Review: Born of Embers

The King is dead. Long live the Queen.

The Valdir stand on the brink of war with Ethea, and Kalina is the heir to both thrones. Suddenly thrust into the role of Queen, and navigating a war, she is forced to choose whether this is the fate she wants for herself.

When the responsibility and pressure becomes too much, will Kalina break and run, leaving her people under the rule of another? Or will she step up and become the Queen they deserve?

Kalina is back in this second action packed installment of The Valdir Chronicles. Return to the world of The Valdir Chronicles in this action packed sequel to Born of Air.

Review: Born of Air

The dragon riders disappeared the year she was born.

Kalina is a nobody, an orphan whose only remarkable trait is the silver hair she is forced to hide. But when she overhears that she might be a child of the Valdir, a silver-haired race of dragon riders that disappeared 16 years ago, she chooses to leave her old life behind and venture into the unknown to discover who she is and where the dragons disappeared to.

But someone has been searching for her. In a strange city, searching for answers to her past, Kalina must conquer her own fear, deal with dangers she never anticipated from a crown she never knew existed, and forge friendships with unlikely people to help her find her place in the world.

Born of Air is the first book in the Valdir Chronicles. If you loved Eragon, you will love this coming-of-age adventure.

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