Review: Illusions Unveiled

  • Title:
    • Illusions Unveiled
  • Author:
    • Ayla Asher
  • Release:
    • February 2, 2021
  • Format:
    • Audiobook
  • Narrator:
    • Kai Kennicott
    • Wen Ross
  • Series:
    • Ardor Creek #2

My opinion on this book is one of indifference. I’ve struggled to find anything I like or dislike about it, and I can’t think of anything major. I found it unbearably slow, but I think that was to do with listening to it at 2.0x speed on Authors Direct, as opposed to my usual 2.55x speed. Kids made an appearance in the story and I loathe those little cretins with all my being, but they weren’t a constant.

While Peter is an ex junkie, I knew the story would have a happy ending, so there was never any worry that he’d go back to his old life, even though the story hinted that he could. Carrie is believable as a single mother who has put up with terrible men all her life, I just don’t find her interesting as a person.

As far as writing goes, it was written as well as any other Ayla Asher novel, it’s just not my thing.

As for the narration, I’d say both narrators did an incredible job. As always, they bring the characters they narrate to life and play off of each other very well.

NOTE: This copy was provided to me free of charge as a digital review copy. The opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone, I was not paid or requested to give this book a certain rating, suggestion, or approval.

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