Review: Morosse, the Spike Thumb

  • Title:
    • Morosse, the Spike Thumb
  • Author:
    • R.J. Hanson
  • Release:
    • March 25, 2020
  • Format:
    • eBook
  • Series:
    • Bloodlines Reforged Saga short story

As I do, I make my bias’ known at the start of my review. I’m an admin on the official Facebook group (because), I run the official wiki for the saga. I’m a one-time beta reader for the Lords of Order and Chaos series (same saga, same world). I originally received this for free via. R.J. Hanson’s newsletter, though the version I read for this review is part of a recent short story collection.

Morosse, the Spike Thumb puts the short in short story. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about it. It’s primarily focused on setup for the payoff. Isn’t every story? Sure, but in this case, it’s 80% of the story. It does a great job of building upon the pirate lore of Stratvs and most interestingly, the story of how House Morosse came to be. It’s easy to see Morosse as the grandfather of Silas the Innocent. Even if this wasn’t apparent, it would make readers question due to their similar natures.

I think it’s worth reading if you’re into the Bloodlines Reforged saga in general, but also because characters in this saga have a habit of making appearances in multiple stories. The very ship Morosse is a bosun on, (according to him), has been around since before his grandfather was born. It would be all too easy for it to appear in a story set in the past or some other future tale… maybe it already has, I haven’t checked. If you purchase a copy of the Bloodlines Reforged short story collection, you may as well read this.

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