Review: One & Only

  • Title:
    • One & Only
  • Author:
    • M.K. Chester
  • Release:
    • August 2, 2021
  • Format:
    • Audiobook
  • Narrator:
    • Hannah Kopen
  • Series:
    • Bryeton Books, Book 4

I wanted to say this isn’t your typical romance novel. Most of the romance I read involves people with very little clothes on, so maybe it is. It wasn’t what I expected, nor what I’m used to.

It’s a slow burn. By slow burn, I mean if it was any slower, it would take another book or two for the plot to go anywhere. The character build up is nice, it was all very casual and I just went along for the ride. It took me a while to even realize it was historical fiction. I don’t read summaries and the various (minor) giveaways about a father marrying off his daughter seemed odd to me, but they were odd even for the time the story is set in, I’m sure.

I wish I had more to say about the story, to be honest. A whole lot of nothing happened. It was just an incredibly slow story set in post WW2 I can’t remember where. The reveals are nice, the romance is…. barely there at all. It’s just the kind of book you put on when you want to relax and enjoy a story without thinking too hard.

I can’t get behind the narration on this one. Initially, I was going to say at the very least the audio was clean and clear. Then the obnoxious background hissing began. The narrator reads every character in the same voice and often lacks any sort of emotion to suit the moment. On top of that, she always sounds like she’s in a hurry.

I listen at 2.55x speed and the natural pauses in dialogue still work. But when narrators don’t take the time to read the lines as if they were an actual conversation, it’s noticeable. They sound like they’re speed reading to get it over with.

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