Root Beer Review: A&W Root Beer

I’m honestly a bit disappointed. If you’d asked me 20 minutes ago what my favorite brands were, I’d say Mug, A&W, Zuberfizz, and probably mention a couple of others I enjoy.

A&W smells only faintly of Root Beer. It has a slight caramel smell and smells very sweet. It fizzles nicely when poured into a cup, and has the caramel-brown look you’d expect Root Beer to have As for the taste, however; It tastes like a wave of nothing. It has the faintest hint of flavor as if it’s Root Beer-flavored water with not enough flavoring mixed in. It’s more of an aftertaste of Root Beer.

Just the other day, (Friday, today’s Monday) I purchased some Zero-Sugar A&W from my local gas station because the regular brand wasn’t in stock. It also tasted like nothing but had a much foamier texture. I’ll save my full thoughts for my review, but at the time, I thought it was due to the lack of sugar. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Looking at the ingredients post-tasting, it all makes sense. Water, sugar, syrup, preservative, extract, and THEN flavoring.

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