Root Beer Review: A&W Zero Sugar Root Beer

This shit smells like a chemical spill. It’s a little sweet smelling and has the faintest hint of what smells to me, like artificial root beer. It’s extremely fizzy when poured and has the same caramel brown color you’d expect Root Beer to have.

Much like with the A&W Root Beer, it tastes like water with a Root Beer aftertaste. It’s got a fluffy texture, likely due to the excessive bubbliness. While it tastes better than it smells, it still doesn’t taste right. It tastes like somebody tried to make artificial Root Beer and got 70 – 80% of the way there. While this wouldn’t be my last choice, that would be IBC Root Beer, I don’t see myself reaching for it over Barq’s, Mug, or some of the more seldom-seen brands.

Today’s Monday, October 30, 2023. I last had this on Friday, October 27 and I really feel that you’re better off passing on Root Beer entirely, even if you’re an enthusiast as I am. This is as disappointing now as it was on Friday. While it’s slightly more palatable with ice, it’s still a joyless experience.

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