Review: Sharad (Short Stories From Antaloor)

English cover.

Sharad succeeds where the first two short stories from Antaloor failed by actually building on the lore of Antaloor. Poorly… but at least it tried. The writer kept referring to the land as “Earth”, even though it’s called Antaloor. The pro-an-tagonist is a ghoul, even though he’s nothing like the other ghouls in the series. While that’s a minor spoiler, it’s apparent that there’s something off about him from the start.

These novellas were initially written in German, you can tell because one of the lines is still in German. Some of the writing is a bit wonky, namely sentences that didn’t make much sense and required multiple reads. One instance includes a character’s name being misspelled. In the German release, it’s “Volthek”, he’s referred to once in the English version as such and the rest of the time, the h was dropped.

The artwork in the story, (most of it anyway), seemed to be drawn specifically for this story. I do think it’s stupid to use pre-existing character art for the cover, as well as in the story as it might mislead readers into thinking that’s intended to be the protagonist. It was a bit slow, but I still enjoyed it. Despite the flaws, it’s the only story out of 3 so far that actually felt like it was written for this series.

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