Short Stories From Antaloor

Short Stories From Antaloor: Two Worlds II Novellas

Many secrets are hidden in Antaloor off the beaten track as an adventurer in the Two Worlds universe. Look forward to seeing well-known cities and characters again – or get to know Antaloor in a completely new way, regardless of the game world. Sometimes gloomy and full of human abysses, sometimes humorous and surprising – the novellas breathe the spirit of the popular role-playing quests – and yet they are something very special. Experience murderous intrigues in four short stories from the perspective of a traveling theater group (The Great Performance), follow the eloquent evocation of a genie in a bottle (as you wish) and let cold shivers trickle down your spine in the horror story “Sharad”.

Below you can find my reviews of the four Two Worlds II novellas.
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