Review: Passion to Seduce

Viv, a lesbian MILF-next-door, meets Jennifer, a virgin lesbian who never kissed a woman, let alone anyone else. Jennifer is shy and overweight, full of self-confidence issues until the day she stepped off her steps across the street, took a deep breath, and approached the person who was in the garden, gardening with her ass high.

Jennifer learns more than how to kiss as Viv takes her time and shows her a whole new side to life. Jennifer’s first orgasm with Viv takes her breath away. A virgin she may be…but just like everything else in life…if you unleash the inner lioness, you will be surprised when they dominate you like a tigress.

Review: Inside of Ruan Willow

Inside Ruan Willow is a novella about two pen names who flirt on Twitter, and hijack the vessel (writers) body and have extreme carnal sex with a Ruan Willow super fan. They all meet at a writers convention and have a wild sex-filled night together. If you like Ruan pegging…fantasize about her doing these naughty things to you, this book is for you.

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