Review: The Demon Inside

He wanted a normal life. Instead, he might end the world….

Gabriel is running out of time. Desperately clinging to his humanity, the 21-year-old half-demon is determined to deny the dark destiny his father insists he fulfill. And if he can’t exorcise the manipulative, vile thing driving him to atrocities by his next birthday, the mortal world is doomed.

Earth is the last place Aura wants to be. She escaped this nightmare once, and she definitely doesn’t want to go back just to help some monster control his urges. But her mother insists pulling off the impossible task of drawing out his light is the only way to prevent a terrifying apocalypse.

As the clock ticks down towards the day he turns 21, Gabriel finds the malefic calls to commit murder harder to resist. And though Aura is resolved to complete her mission or die trying, she can’t help but feel her mother is hiding a terrible secret.

Can the unlikely duo defeat the forces of Hell before every living thing in two worlds is destroyed?

The Demon Inside is the chilling first book in the Hell’s Creatures urban fantasy series. If you like tortured protagonists, witty dialogue, and fighting the age-old battle of good versus evil, then you’ll love Katerina Degratte’s visceral tale.

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