Review: Dracula’s Guest: And the Squaw

Beware Walpurgis Nacht! – when lightning rips across black skies, wolves lurk in snow-covered cemeteries and the dead rise up from their tombs. On this treacherous night, a daring, but naive, English Tourist stumbles across a deserted village and is drawn into a macabre circumstances beyond his wildest imaginings. Is the timely rescue by a great wolf mere luck or the supernatural act of the mysterious count who dwells nearby?

From the creator of Dracula comes this fantastic tale of terror as well as The Squaq – the tale of a man who after cruelly mistreating a cat’s litter gets his just deserts when the mother cat extracts her revenge. These two tales of terror, highlighted with 15 black-and-white illustrations by Eric Shanower, make this CLASSIC FRIGHT™ sure to have even the most intrepid readers blood run cold.

Review: Dracula

Title: Dracula Author: Bram Stoker Release: 1897 Format: Audiobook, Physical For William. Happy Halloween, love. <3 This review will contain spoilers. This is not the norm for my blog. Dracula is the first story I’ve ever read that’s comprised entirely of letters. The only other story that’s similar is Frankenstein, which I’ve previously reviewed. It… Continue reading Review: Dracula

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