Review: Axed in Austin

Nick O’Flannigan needs a break.

The Austin music scene is just the ticket, and throwing in a little recreation seems like a good idea. But a local musician has been killed, and a new friend of Nick’s wants his help. However, the police have warned him off the case, and he really doesn’t want to be involved.

One step back

But something is wrong. There’s a critical clue, a footprint at the scene, and only Nick seems to suspect it means something more. Will his insight save the day, or will he find himself once again in deep trouble?

From a deep mystery, some great music, and the gritty atmosphere of Austin, Texas, you won’t want to miss this travel murder mystery, the next in the Capital City Murders series.

Review: Defenestration in Denver

They pushed them from the window, and Nick saw it all. He even took photos.

On his way to the airport to pick up his friends visiting him on his trip around the country to photograph every state capitol building, a protest in Denver turned violent. The police question him, the media becomes involved, and Nick is again in the middle of a mystery against his will.

His girlfriend is visiting, too.

At the same time, his long-distance girlfriend Sandra is visiting him in Denver along with the friend from Seattle who got him the assignment in the first place. To spend time with them, he needs to get himself out of this mystery.

But his photos hold a clue to the perpetrators, but he has no idea who he can trust, and the media and the police no longer trust him. Will he be able to convince them in time and still complete his assignment?

You won’t be able to stop until the heart-wrenching ending.

Review: Carnage in Cheyenne

Beautiful wedding dresses. Too bad about all that blood.

Nick O’Flannigan, unwilling amateur sleuth and a freelance photographer traveling to every single state capital to take photos for a magazine, keeps ending up in the middle of mystery after mystery. In Cheyenne, several months before his arrival, an odd shooting took place in a bridal shop. Three models were killed on Halloween, and the case still remains unsolved.

He’s starting to like the thrill of solving crime, and when he hears of a cold case in Cheyenne, he decides to offer his expertise. But this one is a real puzzle. The clues lead nowhere. Police have covered all the angles, or so it seems. Until Nick uncovers one critical detail. Will that detail lead to the capture of a killer? Or will Nick send authorities down the wrong path?

Find out in this travel murder mystery that will have you guessing until the very end! If you love Chase Baker, you’ll love Nick O’Flannigan too. Buy your copy today!

Review: Parricide in Pierre

A birthday celebration ended in tragedy.

In Pierre, murder is as rare as a visit from a photographer like amateur sleuth Nick O’Flannigan. When both happen at the same time, Nick is welcomed as much for his coverage of the small town as for his photography skills. Local officials entice him to help them with some crime scene photography.

What at first seems to be a burglary gone wrong turns out to be something else, and a mysterious stranger may hold the key to the mystery. Can Nick get to him in time, and will the boy share his secrets?

With an editor on his back to stay out of the news, local authorities who don’t believe him, and a surprise twist, you won’t want to miss this continuation of the compelling Capital City Murders series. If you love the Spenser series, you will love Nick O’Flannigan. Check out this travel mystery today!

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