Review: Love in an Undead Age

Surviving the zombie apocalypse was hard but finding true love might be fatal.

Urban farmer Miranda Tucci is lucky to be alive in what’s left of California’s Silicon Valley, despite a love life that’s dead on arrival. Then an old flame turns up and she wonders…does her DOA love life have a pulse?

A ruthless governing council controls the cure for the zombie virus. If Miranda joins a plot to steal it, will the vaccine be used for political advantage, or can she survive long enough to usher in a new age of civilization? It’s only the fate of humanity suddenly resting on her shoulders.

If she can bring her love life back from the dead how tough can saving the world be?

Review: The Vow That Twisted Fate

A world without evil is all Queen Arlena has ever known. But when an ominous pentagram appears in the sky, her innocent days of blissful court life, playing politics with other races, and daydreaming of marrying the stoic elven prince Talen come to an abrupt end.

When an eerily familiar phantasm warns her of the imminent collision of a parallel world ruled by an ancient sorceress, Arlena must confront the true nature of not only her own world, but her very existence. Calling a company of legendary dwarven warriors forward into her time, Arlena and her allies must brave a world they are completely unprepared for in order to save their own. Will the naïve Queen and her companions be able to stop the invasion without being forever changed in the process?

Review: Dungeon Seeker: A Reborn Online LitRPG Adventure

I might be level 99…but I’m still a noob.

That’s Zane’s permanent nickname for me after I managed to lose the glitched item that dragged us all to the next endgame world. Just when we uncovered the mystery behind the Dark Lord Coin, I managed to find a secret world of Game Masters that have been pulling the strings.

Everything was fine…. Until one of them started messing with the universe code.

Now everything is at risk – and this time Zane is on my side. He power leveled me, and now he needs to teach me how to maximize my skills as we face the battle of our lives – or rather, our afterlives.

We’re in for a wild ride.

Dungeon Seeker is Book 2 in a LitRPG / GameLit series Reborn Online, filled with unique monsters, challenging crafting quests, and skipping the grind with some much-needed power leveling in an endgame world that’ll make you look forward to the afterlife! Just…we recommend building up those stats up first.

Review: Siren Rises

When darkness descends, devouring all light and life from the world, what hope is left?

The scales have been tipped, someone else’s blood has been used to rise Ares, and the war between The Gifted has arrived. Now, there are Fae hunting Evangeline. Their only goal is to sacrifice her to their one true leader.

Forced to flee the academy, she must embark on a hunt of her own to acquire a scythe. A long lost weapon that will not only strengthen her powers, but is the only hope she has in defeating Ares. However, she is not the only one searching for it.

She must learn to combine and control the darkness and light within her. If she doesn’t, she risks being consumed by the very darkness she was born with. Putting not only her own life at risk, but also those of the ones she loves.

The apocalypse is spreading, with the presence of evil growing stronger with it.

Review: Siren Dreams

You can’t escape reality, when your enemies haunt your dreams.

All her life, Evangeline dreamed of finding her purpose. Now that she has, she is certain that she doesn’t want to fulfil it. Especially not when it could tip the scales in the war, that’s brewing between The Gifted.

Evangeline must travel to the Fae communities to convince them that, although there is darkness within her, she is on the side of light. Tensions rise, trust is betrayed, and those closest to her might not have her best interests at heart. The very darkness that she wields seeps its way into her dreams throughout her travels. This time, someone new enters them. Someone that seems to be trying to communicate with her. Is it a warning of danger to come, or simply an unending memory of her failure to rid the world of The Veils leader?

Review: Siren Calls

A search for answers. A long-held secret. A call to destiny.

If you knew your life was about to change for better or possibly a lot worse, would you still go looking for answers?

Evangeline is an orphan, with no memory of her life before she wound up in a children’s home.

Now at 18, she is free in the world, with a burning desire to unravel the mysteries of her past. What she unlocks changes her life forever.

The Fates take her out of the only world she has ever known and into the lives of the gifted.

Is it all she ever dreamed of, or were the nightmares that have plagued her for the past 10 years about to become all too real?

Review: Summer Frost (Forward collection)

A video game developer becomes obsessed with a willful character in her new project, in a mind-bending exploration of what it means to be human by the New York Times bestselling author of Recursion.

Maxine was made to do one thing: die. Except the minor non-player character in the world Riley is building makes her own impossible decision—veering wildly off course and exploring the boundaries of the map. When the curious Riley extracts her code for closer examination, an emotional relationship develops between them. Soon Riley has all new plans for her spontaneous AI, including bringing Max into the real world. But what if Max has real-world plans of her own?

Blake Crouch’s Summer Frost is part of Forward, a collection of six stories of the near and far future from out-of-this-world authors. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single thought-provoking sitting.

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