Review: Tatum

  • Title:
    • Tatum
  • Author:
    • Sian B. Claven
  • Release:
    • November 2, 2021
  • Format:
    • Audiobook
  • Narrator:
    • Jacq Ainsworth
  • Series:
    • The Butcher Books, Book 1

It’s rare I listen to, read, or watch horror and actually find it horrifying. It has been a minute that a story has sent a shiver down my spine. Bravo! This was really something special. This is only my second Sian B. Claven story and I’m finding myself very impressed by her work.

The one thing I’m not sure of is the killer’s motives. I’m not entirely sure why they kill the people they go after, it doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. Though maybe that’s answered in one of the sequels. I think the ghost girl from Tatum’s dream is unsettling as all hell, and I’d find myself creeped the hell out if I seen her everywhere I went. I am a little surprised Tatum isn’t seen as suspicious when people around her keep dropping dead as well.

This book would make for a deadly drinking game. If you took a shot every time Tatum’s name is mentioned, you succumb to alcohol poisoning before the end of chapter 1. It gets really obnoxious, to be honest.

I thought the narration was excellent. I never had trouble telling who was speaking. There was one instance where the dialogue seemed to get quieter and I couldn’t tell if it was an effect or an audio issue.

NOTE: This copy was provided to me free of charge as a digital review copy. The opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone, I was not paid or requested to give this book a certain rating, suggestion, or approval.

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