Review: The Praying Mantis Bride

  • Title:
    • The Praying Mantis Bride
  • Author:
    • Dean Koontz
  • Release:
    • November 12, 2019
  • Format:
    • Audiobook
  • Narrator:
    • Edoardo Ballerini
  • Series:
    • Nameless: Season One # 3

As I look at this with a more critical eye, the cracks really show. Each story has the same repetitive Nameless is nameless, working for an unknown employer, etc. dialogue that the last had. At this point, it’s starting to feel like needless padding. If you remember the previous story so poorly, then just listen to it again. If you remember it well, then it begins to get annoying.

As for the kills, they’re just not exciting. The formula is thusly: First, it introduces Nameless…. again. Then, it proceeds to shove exposition down your throat endlessly. Every now and then, it will cut to the antagonist to explain why they’re scum. And finally, Nameless will kill them. But he’s always so well put together, he never feels as if he’s in any danger. It’s a thriller short story that forgot the thrill part.

As for the narration, the more I listen to him, the more his dull, lifeless narration grates on me. Most narrators can either narrate well or do character voices well. This guy is adept at narrating character voices and truly horrible at narration. It’s difficult to pay attention to scene building when the person building the scene speaks every line in the same boring tone of voice. It’s called voice acting for a reason and this guy is a dreadful actor.

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