Review: Tales of the Dissolutionverse

Discover 10 planets, joined through music-based magic and an immense sentient crystal. This audiobook contains nine stories from the popular Dissolutionverse universe!

The Five Hive Plateau – Join Origon as he investigates the Pixie homeworld and tries to avert a war!

Tuning The Symphony – Learn how to change the Symphony with Rilan, as she searches for Origon’s lost brother.

Last Delivery – Travel with merchants in an old war train with some suspicious cargo.

The First Majus in Space – Fly with the first spacecraft created by the 10 species!

The Feastday – Discover the food and culture of the 10 species.

The Symphony Eater – Learn what lurks in the basement of the House of Potential.

The Society of Two Houses – Music, magic, and murder is afoot with Mandamon, as someone plots to bring down the secret Society of Two Houses!

Changing State – An ancient being confronts other-dimensional entities.

Journey to the Top of the Nether – A climbing crew searches for the top of a miles-high wall, riding a giant steampunk beetle!

If you like space opera, fast-paced adventure, music-based magic, and complex, diverse characters, then you’ll love this collection of stories from William C. Tracy’s Dissolutionverse. Pick up Tales of the Dissolutionverse to discover the music today!

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