Review: Down into the Pit

  • Title:
    • Down into the Pit
  • Author:
    • Sarah Ashwood
  • Release:
    • January 21, 2022
  • Format:
    • Audiobook
  • Narrator:
    • Melissa Kay Benson
  • Series:
    • Stones of Fire, Book 2

The only thing and I mean only thing preventing me from giving this book a do not read rating is how much I enjoyed the first book. It wasn’t as action-packed or exciting as the first book, which is fine. It had its moments and needed to world build some more. Where it crossed the line for me was the cliffhanger ending in the middle of an intense scene.

Cliffhanger endings don’t make me more interested in the next book, they just piss me off and make me want to abandon the series on principle. It’s just a disgustingly lazy tactic to lure people into continuing with the series. It tells me as a reader that the author has no faith that their work will stand on its own and readers will be interested in knowing what happens next; so they have to lure you in with bullshit. If the author doesn’t believe in their work, then why should I?

As with the first story, the narrator continues to do a decent job of narrating. But she also continually mispronounces basic words, something I find insufferably annoying. “Perscription”, “acrosst” and, “farmiliar” aren’t words. If you’re going to narrate audiobooks, then first learn how to speak the language you’ve chosen to narrate in properly.

NOTE: This copy was provided to me free of charge as a digital review copy. The opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone, I was not paid or requested to give this book a certain rating, suggestion, or approval.

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