Review: Silenced in Salt Lake

  • Title:
    • Silenced in Salt Lake
  • Author:
    • Troy Lambert
    • Stuart Gustafson
  • Release:
    • May 12, 2021
  • Format:
    • Audiobook
  • Narrator:
    • Joseph L. Stevenson
  • Series:
    • Capital City Murders #11

This one is meh. The mystery starts out feeling more like a horror story than a mystery. As far as Shaggy spotting details or helping out, it’s all over the place. The story repeats several of the previous stories’ plot points, which always feels lazy. Due to the biggest load of BS plot contrivance, he finds his way into the mystery and fumbles his way through it. At one point, a character with his tongue cut out is doing sign language on his way into the hospital and Shaggy just happens to have a deaf cousin. It feels as if the authors had no idea how to tie these occurrences together, so they just didn’t even try, going with the laziest ideas that came to mind.

Shaggy and Daphne are finally ‘dating’, despite the distance. But they never stop telling each other they love each other. It feels incredibly rushed, even fast romance novels aren’t this rushed. They sound like a couple of high school kids who need to reaffirm their infatuation with each other every 20 minutes.

The narration was alright, as always. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to “write home about”.

NOTE: This copy was provided to me free of charge as a digital review copy. The opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone, I was not paid or requested to give this book a certain rating, suggestion, or approval.

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