Review: Blood Creek Beast

Worlds apart and just ’round the bend….

For years, Jack Parsons dreamed of escaping the tiny community of Maple Bend, West Virginia. Now, he is trapped in another world entirely. Seeking help to protect the crossroads from the immortal “man in the white suit” and his coven, Jack ventures into the world ‘Round the Bend, a mirror image of West Virginia more wondrous, and more dangerous, than he had ever imagined.

On the other side of the crossroads, the coven pursues Jessabelle Rose with plans to use her shape-shifting powers for their own dark ends. Jessabelle must choose between flight or fight; to escape the coven forever or risk everything to protect her family.

What began with mysterious deaths deep in the Appalachian Mountains now threatens to engulf two worlds. Witchcraft and creatures of folklore mix with shadowy high-tech organizations and political intrigue in this thrilling tale of magic and adventure.

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