Review: A Clean Escape (Short Stories From Antaloor)

Much like the other Two Worlds II novella I’ve reviewed, Curtain Call, this one has little to do lore-wise with the series. There’s mention of a port city named Thalya, which I’ve never heard of. The other ties are tenuous at best. The currency mentioned is Auras and the city New Ashos is mentioned several times. Had they not been mentioned, I wouldn’t even know this had a thing to do with Two Worlds.

The story is pretty decent, at 30ish pages, it’s a quick and delightful read. I particularly loved the ending. I can’t say much without spoiling it, however. Unlike Curtain Call, at least some of the artwork that goes along with the story seems to have been drawn or repurposed for this story.

I’d love to say give this one a read. If you can read German, great. You can purchase the Kindle versions on Amazon. I know a physical version exists as well, though it might be exclusive to the Topware Shop. Unfortunately, you have to sign up to the videogame platform Steam to purchase a bonus content bundle containing this PDF to get it in English. It’s unlikely most people would even consider going through the hassle for several passable short stories. It’s a shame that the publishers doomed these stories to obscurity.

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